The Specification

Yet Another Do-It-Yourself Test Automation Framework (YADIYTAF)


As defined above, YADIYTAF is a test automation framework that you actually have to implement, as a whole or parts of the framework. In reality, YADIYTAF is (or attempts to be) a specification standard for implementing a test automation framework. The specification defines a framework that is loosely coupled, yet cohesive by structuring the (test) process into atomic self-contained components that are independent of each other but share a common data store. While the framework is intended for test automation, it can be adapted for other uses like software build automation, continuous integration testing, and other non-test automation tasks.

Learn more about the details by downloading and reading the specification. Also, your feedback regarding this framework specification is greatly appreciated. You may provide feedback through the SourceForge forum for this project or send me an email directly (see contact page).

This site and project is intended to host the framework specification, and possibly various implementations of this framework for download. If not hosting files, then we will have links to the implemenations instead.

NOTE: If you are looking for a ready made open source test automation framework you can use right away, this isn't for you. If you are researching possible automation frameworks that you can use for your organization and you are either starting from scratch (considering implementing your own) OR need to revise/redesign existing framework and looking for alternatives to a redesign, then this may be for you. This framework can save you half your work in designing a framework architecture from scratch, so you can focus on the customizations for your organization and implementation.

By the way, I could use some help "beauty-fying" the site's layout/design. Contact me if you're interested in helping out with that.


December 27, 2009

Draft of framework specification posted.


Plans to implement a sample master test harness (driver) component in Python, as 1st addition to this project besides the specification.