The Specification


Background and Disclaimer

"Ever find yourself burdened with maintaining a test automation framework (especially if it isn't your framework)? Is the framework easy to modify and enhance? Is it well documented? Are you frustrated and rather wish you could redesign the framework? Did you look for other available solutions (commercial, open source, free) but didn't find one that really fit your needs? Did you originally develop the framework but didn't anticipate the changes you have to make now, so now you have problems? Perhaps it really is better if you had time to redo the whole thing from scratch. Well that's what I encountered over the course of my work in QA. And YADIYTAF is my proposed solution to the problems I encountered, intended to be minimally restrictive and highly flexible in implementation and extensibility.

Before working out YADIYTAF, I did some preliminary research but didn't find a test automation framework that was satisfactory. There were some potentially good frameworks but they required you to use a certain software platform and/or had a significant learning curve. YADIYTAF does not claim or (necessarily) aim to be the best test automation framework available, it may not suit your needs. But YADIYTAF is intended to offer an alternative to the current pool of complex framework solutions out there. And also offers something the others don't - the option to implement and customize the framework for any platform/language with any software license you please."

- David Luu, project founder

Project participants & Contact Information

  • David Luu, project founder. Contact: cuuld AT yahoo.com

You can also contact us regarding feedback, comments, suggestions, etc. by posting to the open discussion forum at the SF project site.